If I had all the money in the world…

14 December, 2006 (15:43) | lol blog | By: dovac

I would get these comiket items listed below…but since I don’t I guess I’ll have to settle with one or two of them, circle names are in ()’s.

Doujinshi related:

1: Leaf
Atsuki Amaduyu’s(Blazer-One) Leaf Illustrations 1998-2006
2: Akane Ikegami(Akane Makes Revolution[AMR])
Doujinshi set, usually quite expensive -.-;;
3: Noizi Ito(Fujitsubo-machine)
Doujinshi, but the site hasn’t been updated for c71 yet
4: Misato Mitsumi(Cut a Dash!!)
Doujinshi set, also not updated for c71 yet.
5: Cotton-soft
Whatever Cotton-soft(formerly known as nekoneko-soft) has for c71
6: August-soft
1, 2, 5, and the body pillow of Mia >_>; G’s Festival vol 6 has a better preview of it, I’ll scan that portion later.
7: K-books
1 and 2, but yeah good luck :/
1st one is limited to 100 copies(but you can reserve one at 6pm Dec 15th) -.-;; and its by AMR so if that shows up on yahoo auctions I expect it to be double price at the vary least, the 2nd one is by Mitha who did the char designs of Gift which happens to look like Naru Nanao designs.
8: Mitha(Indico lite)
Also not updated for c71 yet, but I’ll take whatever shows up
9: Naru Nanao(Aisu to Choko)
same as 8 on my list.
I guess I’ll add more as I remember more names.

Doujinshi Music
TOOOOOOOooooo many to list, I’ll only update this once..

1: ZUN(Shanghai Alice)
Only update on his site is location of the booth, on his blog it looks like there will be 2 new music cds (come on I want a game)
yay~ looks like a CAVE remix cd, getting tired of all these touhou remixes..
Hmm touhou remix…~_~;;
4: Alstroemeria Records
Wow, lots of cds that will be out with his work in it. I look forward to the remixes, last comiket’s wasn’t as good as his earlier ones though.
Last year’s ARIA was really good, especially the English Tori no Uta, looks like this year there will be a Fate/Stay Night remix and a original sound album(whatever that is..)
Looks like no update for c71, but they’re doing a concert in 1/7/07, wish I can go :/
7: moetan
Moe-tan listening cds are always funny, especially since Ink-sensei is voiced by Tamura Yukari, but…I guess they haven’t updated their site for c71 either…
8: PHOENIX Project
Last comiket’s was really good, male versions of God Knows, Lost my Music, and Tori no Uta. This time it looks like an arrange album from Lost Child.
9: dBu Music
Most of his albums in the past were touhou related, but this comiket it looks like its a STG remix
10: Eufonius
Nice calm singing voice….love her.
Thats it for now for music…moving on to games

Doujinshi Games

1: EasyGameStation
The Chantelise+ demo from c70 was good(I need a better vocab then just “good”) so I hope the game will be out this comiket, fun little action adventure rpg.
2: Sky Repairs
Their site is down, looks like it was taken by cybersquaters ~_~, was only able to use google cache to take a look.
3: Shindenken
They’re deving a Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu side scroller, check it out here
and i’m done for now…lonnnnnnng ass post


Comment from Jigglypoof
Time 12/14/2006 at 5:10 pm

MMmm August-soft has some nice stuff. Scannage plz, definitely.