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22 May, 2007 (21:02) | lol blog | By: dovac

Kita~ They came in yesterday actually but hey…no time till now ~___~.
The Hiro Suzuhira one got cut off but I’ll get a better pic of it later when the doujinshi arrives…the auction service I used sorta messed up and sent me another HappyBirthday bag on accident, but..funny thing it was waha’s bag so I’ll just ship it to him when I can.

A little bonus for readers, I scanned Pink Chuchu’s clear file and uploaded it to moe danbooru. Isn’t she cuttee~~ Enough talk here’s the pics.

I’ll be “reviewing” each doujin in the near future, I’ll start off with the first one. Cut-a-Dash and BlazerOne‘s latest doujin, is as usual full of high quality art, unfortunately the page count is 8 including the cover and back, so its not really a good buy unless you’re a major fan of their work (and who isn’t?). I’ve uploaded the cover and the back on to moe danbooru as well. Another thing to note since its a really short doujin its rather easy to scan, If I get sometime I’ll have it scanned…. <_<; and I’ll have the scanning bed cleaned.


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