And Anime Expo is over…

2 July, 2007 (22:33) | lol blog | By: dovac

Where to start where to start…well hmm I think I’ll go with a different route since most people are complaining about the overall crappiness of the whole con… I’m going to say that this year was the best year ever. You can read all about the complaints of waiting in line and such, but luckily I did not bother with those. If you bothered to ask the ticketing office or read ax’s site more closely about the nice shiny premier tickets you bought…

Now if you waited like a IDIOT for hours in the sun to watch a concert where you have assigned seating well you sir are a IDIOT. Also while people were waiting in line the staffers CLEARLY said there were bag searches, so what does that mean? THEY SEARCH YOUR BAG! BIG HINT LEAVE THE BAGS IN YOUR CAR OR HOTEL THANK YOU. It would of speed up the process of getting in. MANY MANY MANY times while people waited the staff ran around telling people NO WATER NO FOOD NO CAMERAS NO CAMS, etc. Yet people don’t get the hint. So you can thank them for holding up the line as they get searched get food/water pulled out and they dump it in the trash can.

Lets see more ranting… the signatures.. during the panel the staffers CLEARLY said an autograph from the sos-dan was not guaranteed. So.. there you have it, now expect people to camp out, for the 1st day I was there at 5:00 am. They canceled it. problem but how about telling us earlier instead of exactly at 10am. Anyways communication problems I wont even go there others already complained about it. Now then the 2nd day, what time did I get there? 11pm I didn’t sleep at all and in the end I ended up staying awake for 44hours, but what did I get? I have their signature on a poster. Too bad I wasn’t able to get it personalized or give them gifts.

Now what was good? The Savage Genius concert, Halko Momoi Concert, and Chiaki Ishikawa concert. Now why was the “no names” would have a better concert then sos-dan? maa…The people who ran tech 2..3..4..??? days to fix the sound system before ax started, but I bet they didn’t start to do that till SKIN showed up, and what happens? The concert was crap I personally didn’t go but I heard at some point the audio was in mono or the mics cracked..etc..sos-dan had the same problems as SKIN…but then…when I went to Chiaki’s concert…everything was mysteriously fixed…why the hell did it take them so long to fix it? Anyways thats my rant ~_~ I’ll have some photos and crap in the coming days.


Comment from Akira
Time 07/2/2007 at 10:42 pm

The SG concert was freakin’ amazing.

If you look at Momoi’s blog, she has some really harsh words to say about AX…

Even though, true to what you guys reported, she was very pleased with her live.

…oh well, I guess next year will be better?

Comment from uLTraCarL
Time 07/2/2007 at 11:18 pm

Too many whiny people all over the place. Everyone needs to think positive. Just looking/reading the anime-expo forums gives me a headache. The convention was not that bad. If you are alone and lonely going to Anime Expo, I can see why you will be mad and pissy at everything lol.

We need more positive and not overly negative posts like dovac’s. I’ll put my report up soon ;o

Comment from The-O
Time 07/3/2007 at 9:53 am

If this was AX’s first year at Long Beach it would have been forgivable, but it isn’t. The line issue was a problem, they should have allowed everyone with a ticket in first. It would have been a lot easier. I myself just waited at the manga cafe until they scrapped the bag checks, and I walked right into my seat.

Comment from kozu
Time 07/3/2007 at 9:58 am

I think it comes from what events you were planning to go and attended. If you expected to have the good time at the big events, then obviously you were disappointed by the delays/whatnots.

btw Congrats dovac, you deserve that autograph and the rest of your group who stay with you for that time, especially wata-san. Seriously he was one of the true dedicated fans.

Comment from dovac
Time 07/3/2007 at 4:15 pm

The-O: Yeah seriously if it was their first year it would of been ok but it wasn’t. I think the biggest issue was Staff Pros (lol…ironic name)

Kozu: Thanks :3, but yeah you really really need to plan out what you need to do to get what you want, like I always said..”Its anime expo, don’t expect much”. For my poster…I’m going to get it framed and I’ll get a pic of it if I can find my digicam I think I lost it -_-, then I’m going to have it hanging at Anime Jungle’s store since I can’t put any posters/pictures up in my room T_T

Comment from Crystal
Time 07/4/2007 at 10:42 pm

Yeah. I mean sure, there were alot of problems at AX, but I would rather blame people for being stupid and the LBCC which gave us many problems. Overall, I think the staff did a good job even though there was so much going on at the same time. I wish people didn’t blame AX for everything when its either the industry’s fault or LBCC’s. It was a good year because we had a chance to actually see SOS-Dan and Haruko Momoi and the rest of the guests.

Comment from rokie
Time 07/5/2007 at 7:32 pm

I can give you the low down on why SKIN sounded like sh*t. I worked the room, as in I was one of the tech guys and SKIN had a home brew distortion effect purposefully put in line. The thing looked like it was from the 1970′s. As for SOS-dan…donno what to tell you there. I know the audio was literally run off a laptop for the videos. There were having a problem with the video source coming out interlaced…

Glad you liked the Ishikawa concert, I was up on one of the camera’s filming for that. Pretty good show. Though I have to say the Oreskaband concert imo was the best concert I got to work on.

As for Staff Pro….oh man…you guys thought you had problems with them? I worked the event all weekend and we often had major problems just getting into the building and it was our own event! >_