Totally not for otaku

12 April, 2008 (23:57) | lol blog | By: dovac

I tried to visit Royal/t last night for their “grand opening”. It was quite disappointing, there was a invite list to get in that wasn’t specified on the web page and everyone was dressed up in suits. My friend was able to get some pictures so you can check it out below.

Mostly a waste of time, but in the end I was able to have dinner with some people I knew on irc. Maybe in a few months I’ll go again…


Comment from Justin Conner
Time 04/13/2008 at 1:51 am

No one was dressed in suits and I thought is was really fun and the door people were nice and fair. Great art!

Comment from Crystal
Time 04/13/2008 at 11:06 am

Glad you told me not to go lol

Comment from Miki
Time 04/14/2008 at 12:10 am

Disappointing indeed. I was there the next day, around early afternoon, they were closed. Apparently they are NOT OPEN AT ALL! (As they said on the web site. False advertisement or wrong information however you want to say it.)

That place is REALLY NOT a real maid cafe of what I saw as advertised on the official web site and from me visit there. Nor a Cosplay Cafe. It is a gallery. The girls who works there are wear maid outfit to “seem” like the “maid” to just draw crowd. I’m sorry, but please do not put Gothic Lolita and Maid together. They are NOT the same. Its how sad to see these people who seem to understand the “Japanese culture” but just mixing everything up and miss leading the people in US. (For those who don’t know what a real maid/cosplay cafe really is)

The art was great and cute I love them very much. The maid dresses looks awsm as maids alone. Everything looks great stand alone. But when you try to mix things up….I’m sorry, but it just don’t feel right. Maybe they just want to give it a taste of “underground?!” scene of Japan-ish-type-of-thingings? I dunno. ’cause Gothic Lolitas fashions are not underground. It’s been around for more then 10 years! Anime is really not underground,… *shrugs* maybe not underground… but I dunno… it really just did not sit right with me deep down inside.

Sorry about my rant/typo/grammar. But that’s how I felt after reading the reviews and visited there.