Magi-cu Vol 26 – It Buds Gallery Scans

20 April, 2008 (17:27) | lol blog | By: dovac

As stated earlier on the “I need donations because I don’t have money for food thread” over in I’ve started to scan a few things that were requested over the past few weeks. Using my patent pending “blur the crap out of image then fiddle with some crap” process (Just Kidding?) sometimes the scans aren’t super good, if you want to complain eat shit and die thanks :3

By the way, if anyone else knows if other people scanned issues/parts of Magi-cu I’d like to know so I’m not wasting my time scanning stuff people already did.

Magi-cu Vol 26 – It Buds Gallery (Nice title)

Some notes about this, I cropped most of the useless stuff from the pages, it also hides some huge fold marks (any suggestions on how to scan 2 page spreads without debinding? I’ve never solved that problem yet, and my “bookscanner” does not help in the situation).

And some Lovely Idol stuff that was requested by someone.

(psst, donating to me makes me more motivated to scan things)
(double psst, I know the 2 4 page pullouts from Chronicle – Hiro Suzuhira Artworks are still not really scanned well, I will get to them soon[?], I’m probably going to pull it out and put it up in my cubicle at work to stare at when I’m bored)
(final psst, apparently on irc I’m infamous for running, I wonder why that would make me infamous)


Comment from icie
Time 04/23/2008 at 6:52 pm

I’m not usually one to flog my blog (omg it rhymes), but I’ve done scans of Magi-cu in the past (they’re on my blog). They weren’t the best scans evar, but there we go.

Comment from aoie_emesai
Time 05/26/2008 at 8:56 pm

I plan to do some scans on my blog too when I finally do some work on it ^^. Icie and Dovac are my heros ^^