Trip to Japan

20 May, 2014 (22:31) | lol blog | By: dovac

It’s about halfway through my one month trip to Tokyo and I wanted to reflect back on what has happened during the past two weeks.

Then I realized, most of the things I can’t talk about because it is all company secrets~!

So instead, I’ll talk about who wore my Google Glass so far.

1) Tsukigami Luna (Lunatic Joker)
2) Bamboo (from overdrive)
3) Baba-sachou (Chairmen of Visual Arts)
4) Range murata
5) Leader of Zero Zigen
6) Leader of *censored* (future partner, can’t tell you the circle sorry!)
7) Leader of *censored* (another future partner, can’t tell you the circle sorry!)
8) Leader of *censored* (music circle, can’t tell you who)
9) Leader of Spicy Tails and Hasekura Isuna
10) ZUN

Those are what I remembered….there is probably more lol…hopefully one day I can talk about all the future projects planned.


Comment from vvlto
Time 05/21/2014 at 1:26 am

a music circle? insteresting