moebooru on windows

16 February, 2013 (23:09) | lol blog | By: dovac

I meant to post about this, if you don’t visit our bitbucket you should as I’ve created a wiki article on how to install Moebooru on windows

I hope it helps some people…

Moebooru install script

30 September, 2012 (17:22) | lol blog | By: dovac

Since people have problems installing all the things need for moebooru to run, I’ve written a bash script to help do the install for you. Its been only tested on Ubuntu 12.04.1, maybe in the future it’ll support Centos and Debian.

Hope it helps :P

Mandatory monthly blog update

6 September, 2012 (13:20) | lol blog | By: dovac

Its about time to update the good old blog again.

I applied to work for Pixiv, hopefully they’ll hire me?

Besides that, nothing else too interesting in my oh so very exciting life.

visual novels are dying

7 July, 2012 (19:53) | lol blog | By: dovac

Turning away from the “visual novel community” is the best thing I’ve done. To be honest it seems like EVERYONE just wants to get in on the action of HAY I TRANSLATED A GAME I AM IMPORTANT LISTEN TO ME!!!!! I guess people care more about their Epenis then the livelihood of MangaGamer or JAST. Just put it this way, keep this up and expect NO MORE GAMES to come out from commercial companies. Good job guys, now you can translate all the games you want without getting in trouble RIGHT?! Guess what guies? The visual novel business in Japan is also dying a good example is that Circus and Age are on their last legs and are not expected to last to the end of the year, so good job killing the market over here for your selfish desires.

Sure you can argue that the western market was not intended for visual novels. However a quote from bamboo a year ago

But I am looking forward to releasing Dengeki Stryker to the Western market — it’s made a bit with the Western market in mind.

Shows that some companies are interested in the western market, however keep it up and all the “good will” that’s been generated so far to turn around in to a lump of poo on the ground.

Anyways don’t expect me to reply. Planning on tearing down this blog soon.

The history of moe/oreno/ as I recall it

5 June, 2012 (20:30) | lol blog | By: dovac

I don’t know why but I always write my blog posts as narratives.
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