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Totally not for otaku

12 April, 2008 (23:57) | lol blog | By: dovac

I tried to visit Royal/t last night for their “grand opening”. It was quite disappointing, there was a invite list to get in that wasn’t specified on the web page and everyone was dressed up in suits. My friend was able to get some pictures so you can check it out below. Mostly a […]

And thats why you pre-order stuff

9 February, 2007 (00:50) | lol blog | By: dovac

I spent 3hours today looking for Ar Tonelico, I had to visit 6 stores inorder to find it. First stop was the usual EB Games at my local mall they told me they only had one copy and its reserved for someone who preordered it. Then I went to Frys and they didn’t get any […]

Playing with my wiiwii

19 November, 2006 (14:53) | lol blog | By: dovac

So I got 2 of them, not sure if I want to keep one or not. Since the other one is for my friend who is out of town. Waiting for it at Target earlier today was quite fun, since someone brought a device that allows things to be plugged in to a car battery, […]

PS3 line 32hours to go

16 November, 2006 (00:51) | lol blog | By: dovac

So I’m updating this as I’m sitting in line for a PS3 at circuit city in Burbank, currently its really cold. Luckily my friend brought a generator for my laptop. I’ll update this if there’s anything interesting. Currently 25 in line out of 35, I hope I’m able to get one. 1:02am update: Some people […]