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Week 2 at Fonality (4/14-4/18)

18 April, 2008 (19:28) | lol blog | By: dovac

Monday: tickets Tuesday: tickets Wednesday: tickets Thursday: tickets Friday: tickets See a pattern? Anyways, knocked out ~40 tickets in total for a week, sorta okayish I guess for being there for 2 weeks. I don’t think I will continue to post weekly unless something super duper cool happens.

Week 1 at Fonality (4/7-4/11)

13 April, 2008 (15:19) | lol blog | By: dovac

Monday – Learned provisioning method for ordered servers, built 4 servers Tuesday – Moved 200 empty 2u cases across the building, built 5 servers Wednesday – Started to provision 36 various voip phones to demo server Thursday – Finished provisioning, turns out dhcp and dns is very important… Friday – Started to answer tickets in […]